Le Natural Welcome ACI Alarm Service Inc. Doug from Kelowna April 1, 2014

Le Natural Mall welcomes ACI Alarm Service Inc.

ACI Security Systems is of the best home and office security alarm company in Canada.

We offer the best increased home security with Wieless or Hard Wired Alarms System, Video Surveilance Systems is your first line of defense..


With Monitored Fire, Flood & CO Protection System, 24 Hour (insurance approved) Monitoring. and your control panel, smoke, door, glass break, & more now you can feel safe and comfortable knowing that potential.

 Also other option with combined data and voice solutions to customers big and small (and all in between). Our solutions are not only integrated, but also innovative. with many option to choose from you can count on ACI Security Systems.

How ACI Monitored Security Works

  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • Police Emergencies
  • Medical Duress



  • Police
  • Fire
  • Ambulance
  • Emergency Contact

Local Authorities

At ACI, we don’t just tell you how safe, reliable and useful our products and services are…


 For more information  contact  Doug@lenaturalmall.com


ACI Alarm Service Inc. bought to you by LE NATURAL MALL

Le Natural Mall


Le Natural Mall Live Better. Shop Local. Incorporated


 Phone: 604-835-7242

Cleaning Excluded Services

LNM Cleaning Excluded Services

Because of insurance liability, safety limitation and other considerations, we do not offer the following:

  • Lifting of items that are over 25 lbs (including any large furniture)
  • Dusting of any ceilings, windows or surfaces outside of normal reach
  • Cleaning of bodily fluids, mold, or other biohazards
  • Cleaning outside of windows and home exteriors
  • Trash removal
  • Deep stain removal
  • Hoarding homes or Extremely dirty or Extreme sorting out of stuff/Clutter.
  • Frat houses
  • Wet wiping bulbs

Charity events and fundraisers

Welcome to Le Natural Mall, charity events and fundraisers

We believe, Your gift today creates meaningful change for children and communities. Contact us so we can help your organization reach its goals,  change lives by making giving meaningful, simple, and fast. We will help by  arranging and facilitating Manage volunteers, supporters and venue for your event on and to the closing of the event.

Charity events and fundraisers following conditions.

Charity donations: Le Natural Mall will not collect funds for any charity event and fundraiser directly, indirectly or by any companies in our control. We ask the organizer to have ready a donation jar or attach a GoFundMe account in the name of the charity on witch there organizer may distribute the collect funds. Events are considered a one time event.  Only at that event my the organizer collect funds at a designated spot, note the funds must go into a closed container.

A GoFundMe account, We believe making online fundraising accessible and easy for everyone. This way we can support you by allowing your link to be assessable to all viewers at my website or media pages attaching a email address or phone number to the organizers.

Silent auctions: this will have nothing to do with Le Natural Mall or our affiliates companies and must be brought up with the organizer for the charity for details.

Events and Fundraisers: Price of events and fundraiser cost, support are suggested to taxes and fees are not considered collections for the charity.

Names and numbers of guest are not collect for charity or fundraisers. If a private guest would like to reach out to the charity they may do so at their own convenience.

Charity donations are collected separately by the organizer at the event.  Charity cannot solicit personal information from guest of any event, with out the written consent of the guest.

Kind regards,

Le Natural Mall and affiliates.

The purple represents admirations, love and peace.

LNM Cleaning

LNM CLEANING  Our goal is to help simplify your life.• Environmentally friendly cleaning 

Providing Free Time and Peace of Mind
Call Anytime 604-835-7242
Locally Owned Bonded, WCB and Insured, Commercial & Residential Cleaning.
Reliable service that you can depend on each and every time you need us.
Special Cleanings Scheduled weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly.
We specialize in working with your schedule to provide you free time and peace of mind. Make time for family by scheduling us for once or twice monthly cleanings and forget about those tedious chores. We can meet your cleaning needs based on your schedule. What is your free time worth?

When you Use our services You help impact your community.

We believe in a fair wage not minimal wage!

Link – Business Ethics and Compliance

Le Natural Mall is a Featured Business Listings at The Métis Economic Development Corporationand in the MEDC Business Directory.


Le Natural Mall – WCB Clearance Letter Good Standing 2016-2017

Le Natural Mall – Insurance  2015-2016


Providing Cleaning in the Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Mission, Aldergrove, Langley, Delta, White Rock, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam  to Tsawwassen area. 

  • One time cleaning
  • Weekly cleaning 
  • Bi-weekly cleaning 
  • Monthly cleaning


  • Cleaning services
  • Maintenance services
  • Professional services 
  • House Cleaning services 
  • Customized house cleaning
  • Hospital grade cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning  
  • Move in, Move out, 
  • Houses, Construction, Condos, Townhouses, Apartments, Vacation Rentals, Care homes, Offices cleaning & maintenance 
  • Janitorial
  • Maid service
  • Post Construction Cleanup 
  • Help allergies and sinus problems with a deep cleaning
  •  Busy schedule, let us help!

When you Use our services, You help impact your community.

We believe in a fair wage not minimal wage!

Sq foot Verse $ per hour!

We can also quote sq foot, cost more most of the time!  Quotes on the industries average….

Leave a message mentioning the product or service that you are interested in and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Sharon 

  • We have people certified in All areas: Food safe, CPR, Superhost, WHMIS, Health Care Aid, ADOA, Janitorial 

My personal experience started at Banfield Pervillion Vancouver General Hospital approx 20+ Peace Portal White Rock, Menno Hospital Abbotsford, Ebenezer Care Centers Abbotsford, Langley Senior Resources Adult Day Centre and Home & Construction sites from North Vancouver to Chilliwack.  My approach has been to give the best service to the best of my ability with my proffered products on the market.  To know more please Read OUR 
We prefer your reservation of Services be paid by wire transfer or money order. 

Please call to book and inquire at Phone: 604-835-7242


Forms are at the bottom of the page, please file out the forms and send them back to book your appointment. Thank you.


Move in/ Move out
Starting at $320.00 

For move in/move out and deep cleaning packages, the time provided is for your convenience only.  For a proper quote Please confirm the number of bedrooms and bathrooms .  If additional hours are needed rate per hour will be pro-rated You may buying 1 hour at a time 

Deep Cleaning
Starting at $410.00

For move in/move out and deep cleaning packages, the time provided is for your convenience only. For a proper Please confirm the number of bedrooms and bathrooms below.  If additional hours are needed rate per hour will be pro-rated You may buying 1 hour at a time 

Post Construction Cleaning
Starting at $350.00

For move in/move out and deep cleaning packages, the time provided is for your convenience only. For a proper quote please confirm the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 
Post-Construction cleaning is based on 5 hours minimum. If additional hours are needed rate per hour will be pro-rated You may buying 1 hour at a time 

We can also help you with!  

Decorate to Live, Stage To SELL & Contents Sales Services 

I am an Accredited Home Stager in the Lower mainland,  BC. I’ve showcase my services and experience in the areas of home staging, interior decorating, consulting and home décor.  

ASK me what I can do for YOU! 

Holiday Vacation Rental Properties 

 Beautiful Popular Travel Destinations  Find your home away home.

Travel: Come and stay at Our Holiday Vacation Rental Properties.

Vacation Homes have a lot to offer especially for those who wish to have holiday of longer duration, or wish to travel with the family. Cleaning done by LNM Cleaning on the Canadian properties, complimenting Organic and Natural Living with a flair or ambiance.  

Vacation Rental Properties Call out,  minimum charge $120:00. 

FORMS:  please click on  Easy Download

Fill out the forms and send it Back to US.  Then we will schedule you in.

LNM Cleaning
The prices for residential & commercial cleaning are depending upon a number of factors, like square footage, or time needed for cleaning, but can roughly be divided into two categories: Regular & Post-Construction Cleaning. Post-Construction cleaning involves more intensive labour and detailing and will be more expensive of two.Regular minimum cleaning time is 4 hours. If cleaning involves More than minimum time, the price will be determined on estimated flat rate basis or based ass additional hours. Discretionary is taken into account on jobs and estimated and performance, then based on service given.  We are mindful that timeliness is of mutual interest

If you like to cancel your scheduled cleaning we require a 48-hours cancellation. with in 48-hours half price will be billed. With in 24-hours or at the door you will be billed the whole bill. 

It will be $ 30.00  a hour per person min 4 hours. To start services on site unseen We will always send two people in the first day for safety, documentation and inspection purposes. 
An average cost for house cleaning based approximately quoted price 30$ per person per hour min 4 hours.

  • We believe in a fair wage not a minimal wage!
  • If there is a  deposit given/ upfront deposit is secured by wire transfer or money order  for job ticket. If there is a credit it will be returned for a job done within two to four weeks of notification date.
  • A notification phone call will be give in need to secure more funds for a work Order Ticket if required.
  • Employees are given a work order Ticket for every job, Receipt for job completed will be invoiced to client. 
  1. We prefer your reservation of Services be paid cash or by cheque, wire transfer or money order. 
  2. Please make Money order out to Le Natural Mall at  West Kelowna, British Columbia Canada V4T1C2
  3. Or Pay by https://www.lenaturalmall.com/apps/webstore/ select product and services.  
    We accept VISA or MC with a 5% processing fee. We also ask for drivers license to confirm  credit card holder. 


Even based on this still cheaper!

Cost is hard to determine we did a 2500 square foot home Total 16 hours of cleaning another time a 2500 was 9 hours. There are a lots of determining factors. Hard to know up front. Our staff know there stuff and work well. People generally book 8 hours to start then if needed time they will buy more time. Move in / Move out!

Sq foot  average is $.97

On top of min 4 hours usual prices, 
Select Extras,   1 load of Laundry – $20
Inside kitchen cabinet – $20 for up to 30 minutes of work. 
Inside fridge – $25 for up to 30 minutes of work. 
Inside oven – $30
Finished Basement – $160 or more!
One hour of organizing – $65
de clustering -$66 per person.
Interior windows – $ 25  for 45 minutes of work!
Move in / move out – $45 hour Weed pulling – $40 hour 

Restoration Jobs, before pics

Restoration jobs after pictures!

If they choose to pay more.  We could off finished, but depending on budget  we do what we can do. 

  • Carpet cleaning  
  • wall to wall flooring
  • Walls painted 
  • New kitchen & cabinets. 

We have Established clients & we are Referred 

We have done cleaning, landscaping, property management, Customer Service, Residential, Commercial, merchandising and many other projects all on Contract base, location Burnaby – Chilliwack, Abbotsford Travel Lodge, Night and Day Restaurant, Home depot, Canadian tire store, Costco, Wall-mart Shoppers Drug-mart and trade shows.  Valley Personnel Ltd, Valley Personnel Dispatch has passed us jobs, 1 Golf Travel Tours  &  Holiday Vacation Rentals 

Heads up check this out !
Buy our service through Cleanify  you will pay !


  • LC
  • LNM Cleaning
  • Arrival time for Every second Tuesday
    • 1 cleaner
    • 3 hours
    • Supplies
    • 09:00
    • 12:00
  • $150.00 Price per visit
  • Book Now

Your Clean Order
Cleaning company: 
Le Natural Mall 

Time Service

  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Total Cleaners: 2


  • None

Supplies included. 

Referral Balance: $0 
TOTAL$360.00   (ordered through Cleanify)

LNM Cleaning Excluded Services

Call out, 

minimum charge $120:00. 

1 person 3 hours.

Shop Direct products and brochures

Move in / move out – per hour

Interior windows – $15.00

One hour of organizing $60.00

Finished Basement – up to 2 hours

Inside oven – for 30 minutes of work $25.00

Inside fridge for 30 minutes of work $20.00

Inside kitchen cabinet – 30 minutes of work $20.00

1 load of Laundry – for 30 minutes of work $20.00

LNM CLEANING – 1 hour additional $40.00

LNM CLEANING – 7 hours of cleaning $340.00

LNM CLEANING – 6 hours of cleaning $260.00

LNM CLEANING – 5 hours of Cleaning $200.00

LNM CLEANING, 2 people required for 4 hours $360.00

LNM CLEANING, 1 people required for 4 hours $160.00




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Leave a message mentioning the product or service that you are interested in and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Sharon 
“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”   – Paulo Coelho, ‘The Alchemist’

Kind Regards,

Le Natural Mall

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