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Employee Standards – Vendor agreement

LNM Spreadsheets updates: Form


LNM Referral Form,


Phone: 604-835-72

42 or Phone your Rep!

Client update Form

* Required*

  1. List…. Please attach as page 2.

LNM Spreadsheets Form,

LNM LNM Referral Form, Email: Phone: 604-835-72 42 or Phone your Rep! Client update Form * Required* Le Natural Mall – Logo Owner Contact info__________________________________________________________________________________________________

Co- owner contact info_______________________________________________________________________________

Address 1.______________________________________________________________________________________________ Address 2.______________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number 1.________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone Number 2.________________________________________________________________________________________ Email address 1._________________________________________________________________________________________

Email address 2._________________________________________________________________________________________ Contracts documents signed by owner signature_______________________________________________________

Referral form documents signed by owner signature___________________________________________________

Contracts documents signed by Co Owner signature__________________________________________________

Referral form signed by Co Owner signature___________________________________________________________

Referral form signed by Owner’s signature and referral signature.______________________________________________ All referral forms will be signed and filled out prior to sale is competed, and must be submitted with application of sales. The referrer will be paid 10% on gross earnings one week after cancellation period and contract cleared, closing of sale. If this is a referral please indicate it, We also need the person that referred full name and contact information and date refereed. There can only be one referrer per application. Added description for product sold._________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Value or price of this contract after costs._____________________________________________________________ Referring agent or agents_____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What documents have you given your customer_____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Date / Time / Year. * Day _________/__________/______________.

Owner Electronic Signature ______________________________________

By signing here the owner is stating all information above is true;

Owner Electronic Signature__________________________________________________

By signing here the owner is stating all information above is true;

Co Owner Electronic Signature_______________________________________________

By signing here the owner is stating all information above is true;


List…. Please attach as page 3.

Service Agreement / Change Order 

Change Order relating to a contract between a Contractor and a Principal whereby the two parties agree to a change in the original contract. This particular form includes a provision for an additional charge for the requested change.

Change Order

Change Order (PDF 150KB)
Help on File Formats

Contractor (Name and Address): ___________________________________________________________________  

Change Order No.:___________________________________________

Contract No.:_______________________________________________

Project No.:________________________________________________

Description and Location of Work:___________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Original Amount of Contract:__________________________________

Approved C.O. Amount to Date:_______________________________

Present C.O. Amount:_______________________________________($0.00)

Revised Contract Amount:___________________________________($0.00)

Description of Change 1


Description of Change 2

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 3

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 4

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 5

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 6

_______________________________________________________________________Total___________________________________Description of Change 7

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 8

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 9

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 10

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 11

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 12

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 13

_______________________________________________________________________Total___________________________________Description of Change 14

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 15

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 16

_______________________________________________________________________Total____________________________________Description of Change 17


Description of Change1 -17_total   


Recommended: _______________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):__________________________________

2nd Signature (if applicable): ___________________________________________

Date (YYYY-MM-DD)2:_________________________________


Signature: ___________________________________________

Date (YYYY-MM-DD)3:_________________________________

Contractor (Name and Address)2: _______________________________________

Change Order No.2:___________________________________________________

Contract No.2:_______________________________________________________

Project No.2:________________________________________________________

Description and Location of Work 2:__________________________________________________________________________




Reasons for Change:______________________________________________________________________________



Select one or more values

AC Client requested changes to OGD funded projects ______________

AD Dominion or Regional Fire Commissioner required changes________________

AF Facilities Maintenance requested changes to PWGSC ______________

AP Property Management requested changes to PWGSC________________

AR Regulatory Agencies, other than DFC/RFC, required changes to conform to codes and statutes________________

BD Delay or negligence on the part of the Crown resulting in a claim from the Contractor______________

BS Soil conditions different from those specified_____________

BT Federal Tax, duty or tariff changes during the contract period_____________

BU Unit price changes due to quantities, and Balancing Change Orders_____________

CE/O Design Errors or Omissions costs, items that could or should have reasonably been foreseen_____________

CM Material Substitution initiated by Crown or Contractor_____________

CS Site condition costs resulting from items that could not have reasonably been foreseen_____________

CT Acceleration or deferment of part of the work requested by the Crown (not a time extension or delay claim initiated by the Contractor)___________

A Client requested changes_____________

B Errors and omissions_____________

C Unforeseen site conditions_____________

D Substitution of materials_____________

E Price and quantity fluctuations____________

F Delays, acceleration, suspension_____________

G Other____________

L Inducement (Lease)___________




Pursuant to section 32(1) of the Financial Administration Act, funds are available.

Signature (Mandatory): ___________________________________________

Date (YYYY-MM-DD)4:___________________________________________ 

LNM Office Team  & On Line
(604) 835 -7242

November 10, 2015

Dear clients,

Information on web site development and flyer creation.
The cost of creating a web site varies depending on how many pages it will be, whether or not it will have an online store, if content will be supplied or if I have to create it.

Usually a site that ranges from 4-6 pages is about $500 and 7 – 12 pages can range from $700 to $1,000. My prices include SEO for the site and setting up of Facebook, Linkedin, Google Business and Twitter if they have not yet been created.

Depending on Domain name price maybe subjected market value. We will do what we can to work and inform you of the latest developments.

For flyers I don’t have any specific designing programs so it’s mostly done in Word then converted to PDF using templates. Depending on what kind of flyer is needed such as one full page, back and front or tri-fold the cost usually runs from $100 – $150 for the creation and sourcing of printing.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Warmest regards,
Sharon Chartrand

LNM Office Team & On Line
(604) 835-7242.

List…. Please attach as page 5

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LNM Referral Form,

LNM -Travel Reservation Form

LNM, Client Satisfaction Evaluation Form

LNM, Team Performance

LNM, Maintenance Request

Le Natural Mall, LNM, Customer Satisfaction: Partner Satisfaction

Le Natural Mall, Product Partner / Supplier Contact Information Form

Please fill in your details

Company/ Website name _______________________________________

First name__________________________________________________

Last name___________________________________________________


Confirm email________________________________________________



Circle yes or no,  I have read and understood the affiliate partner agreement. 

Or  please send us the affiliate partners agreement.

Then Register now by emailing me back at

List…. Please attach as page 6

Business accounts.

Book faster, every time

All your contacts’ names and company details are pre-filled for secure, faster and hassle-free bookings each and every time you need them.Create your free business account today call 604 -835-7242 

LNM -Travel Reservation Form

Call today!  

Create your free business account 

What we need is 

Fist name: ______________________

Last name: ______________________

Company name :  _______________________________

Email address : ________________________________

Password: ____________________________________

Please circle yes or no.
I’ve read and agree to the for Business terms and conditions  or please send me Business Terms and Conditions.


All Agencies Account Form

Agency Name:__________________________________________

Agency Address:________________________________________



Zip/Postal Code:__________________________________________

Agency Phone Number:____________________________________

Agency Fax Number:______________________________________

Agency Email Address:____________________________________

Agency Contact Name:_____________________________________

Agency Identification Number____ TRUE ___ ARC____CLIA____IATA

Agency Identification Number_________________________________

This number will be your LNM Travel account number______________

Create Agency Password______________________

5 to 10 characters, upper case letters and numbers only.

Agency Certificate Upload____PLEASE SEND in email as a scan copy.

W-9 or W-8BEN Upload Please send in email as a scan copy.If commission checks are to be sent to a corporate office, please enter the information below.

Agency Name:____________________________________________

Agency Address:_________________________________________



Zip/Postal Code:__________________________________________

We are connected

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Partnering with LNM Travel

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All Agencies

Please ensure you have your TRUE, ARC, CLIA or IATA certificate scanned and saved as a PDF, JPG, TIF, GIF or PNG file. You’ll need to upload it as part of the enrollment process. No agency enrollment information will be accepted without an TRUE, ARC, CLIA or IATA certificate.

Foreign Agencies

Please ensure you have your completed W-8 scanned and saved as a PDF, JPG, TIF, GIF or PNG file. You’ll need to upload it as part of the enrollment process. No foreign agency enrollment information will be accepted without a W-8 for the agency. Please visit the IRS website for instructions.

W-8BEN – Foreign Individual
W-8BEN-E – Foreign Corporation
W-8IMY – Foreign Partnership, Trust, or Intermediary

List…. Please attach as page 7

Le Natural Mall, Temporary Placement Agreement form

Le Natural Mall, Temporary Placement Agreement form Order No:_ Order date:_________



Start Date:_________

Company Name:_________________________ Phone:_________________________________ Address:_______________________________ Industry:_______________________________ Fax:____________________________________ Contact:________________________________

Direct Phone:____________________________ Contact Title:___________________________ Email:___________________________________ Placement Details required Urgent Not Urgent Position Title:___________________________ Start Date:_______________________________

End Date:________________________________ Work Hours:____________________________

Reports to:_____________________________ Dress Code: Black Dress Pants/ Black Shoes/ Steal toe-boots /slippers Black Dress Pants/Black Dress Shorts Uniform Shirt handed out yes or no Black Shoes/ Steal toe-boots /slippers Black Shirt Rate: $_________ Plus GST Position Duties Required Skills/Software/Maintenance or Labour Experience Additional Comments: Conditions of Temporary Placement Le Natural Mall will pay all Contractors & Work Safe and you pay only for the hours worked, plus GST. you will be charged a minimum of 4 hours per shift. Any contractors sent to you basis by Le Natural Mall will remain Contractors of Le Natural Mall for the period of one year and you agree by signing this Temporary Placement Agreement not to privately hire them. If you hire a Contractor of ours, You will be charged a Placement Fee according to our Fee Schedule and will be entitled to guarantee period as stated on the same schedule. If you agree with the above Temporary Placement Details and Conditions, please sign and date. or submit this form and by doing so you agree to this document. Or Please return this signed document to our office as soon as possible either by email.

Print Name__________________________________ ______________________ ____________________ _____________ Authorized Signature of Manager Title Date

List…. Please attach as page 8

Services for Businesses

Standard Payment Terms


Standard Payment Terms


This Standard Payment Terms Agreement* (“Agreement”) is made and entered by and between

(“CONTRACTOR”) and (“Le Natural Mall – CUSTOMER”) 

“Contractor” and “Customer” hereby agree as follows:

PAYMENT: Customer shall pay for the services and/or equipment (including repair and

maintenance) furnished by Contractor in accordance with the charges on the Service Agreement,

as adjusted by Contractor hereunder, within thirty (30) days of the date of Contractor’s invoice. All

invoices not contested in writing within fifteen (15) business days of receipt are deemed accepted

by Customer as true and accurate and are payable in full. Interest will be charged on all accounts

not paid when due at a rate of two percent per month, or, if less, the maximum rate allowed by law.

In the event Customer fails to pay Contractor all amounts which become due under the Service

Agreement or fails to perform its obligations hereunder, and Contractor refers such matter to an

attorney or collection agency, Customer agrees to pay, in addition to the amounts due, any and all

costs incurred by Contractor as a result of such action, including reasonable attorneys fees.

Contractor has the right to charge a return check fee or a fee to restart Customer if shut off for poor

pay history.

*Payment terms may differ if set forth in the Service Agreement / Change Order with the


Sharon Chartrand

Sale Promoter

Le Natural Mall

604 835 7242

List…. Please attach as page 9


for products and services.

Forms Brochure’s

Former Brochures are not applicable / current these represented past administration / owners of Le Natural Mall. Our new brochures are under review and will be under the name of LNM Contracting. Not Le Natural Mall for it is closed! but this website has a few documents owned by LNM Contracting and for that reason this website is still up with the name of LNM Contracting at the domain of the former Le Natural Mall. Until our new website is built.

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Problem Solving

The time it takes a teacher to prepare for lesson plan. We have found interactive soft that simplifies a teachers today, with our technology a teacher can have programmed interactive lessons at their fingertips. What use to take a number of hours for a teacher would only take 5-10 min with our product. 

Le Natural Mall – Brochure

LNM Cleaning -Brochure

LNM Travel – Brochure

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