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LNMTravel is proud to bring you Beautiful Popular Travel Destinations, Find your home away from home.

LNM TRAVEL & TOURS – Holiday Vacation Rental Properties . 

Travel: Come and stay at Our LNM Travel-Holiday Vacation Rental Properties.

Vacation Homes have a lot to offer especially for those who wish to have holidays of longer duration, or wish to travel with the family .

We are finding Vacation Rental Properties complimenting Organic and Natural Living with a flair or ambiances.

SERVICES : Transportation & Entertainment 

  • Wedding Packages
  • Airport Transportation
    • Casino & Entertainment
  • Wine tours
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Craft Beer and Distillery Tours
  • Golf & Ski Shuttles
    • Sporting Events
    • Ski Hills 
  • Prom & Graduation
  • Bachelor/ette Parties
  • Bachelor/ette Groups
    • Concerts
    • Field Trips 
    • Custom Tours
    • Corporate and Professional Group
  • Food Tours
  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Special Events
  • Stag Parties
  • Stage Groups

Tour Packages with Say High.

Videos: Bus Fun

Special Tours

Tours offered in BC Canada 

The Okanagan Valley , Kelowna, Kamloops, Penticton, Oliver, Vernon, to Vancouver Island 

Vancouver Canada

916 Restaurants  

1187 Shops

141 Hotels & Many Holiday Vacation Rental Properties

Sounded by mountains, ocean and lakes

Featured Listings – Coming soon.

Why Us?

What sets you apart from your competition is our combined experiences in Traveling the World.  

We like to bring to You a piece of mind with our recommendations and listing. We have Amazing Properties Listings, Great Product Providing companies and products services.Plus
LNM Travel-Holiday Vacation Rental Properties is a full service bring you the best deals from the best companies around the world.

Our goal at LNM Travel- Holiday Vacation Rental Properties is to bring you the best quality standards.

Let one of our LNM Travel- HVRP professionals help make your dreams come true!

Also available Vacation Homes and Villas

If you like LNM Travel- HVRP please recommend us to your family and friends.

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“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”   – Paulo Coelho, ‘The Alchemist’

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A few benefits for List Your properties with us.

A few benefits to working with Holiday Vacation Rental

We have a few options for you when listing your property, this is one. 

This one is working with – Large Global Audience: each day, over 900, 000 room nights are reserved. Network currently work with over 700, 000+ properties in 221 countries so our online presence is huge.

– 24/7 Multilingual Assistance: we offer around the clock service for properties and guests in up to 40 languages.
– Network: open to over 10, 000 affiliate partner websites. Possibly placing your listing. 

This is a possible option for you when you list with Holiday Vacation Rental properties.

For more information Inquire at 604- 835- 7242.

Affiliate Partner

Say High to Okanagan Tours With us, It’s all about you!🍷

Say High to Okanagan Tours is one of Kelowna’s and the Okanagan Valley’s leading tourism businesses.

Our Okanagan and Kelowna wine tours, sightseeing tours, and adventure tours are recommended by local tourism agencies, hotels, wineries, restaurants, businesses, golf courses and are licensed with Transportation of Canada.

Welcome to Your Perfect Escape.

 Filled with fun, friendly, informative and memorable memories. We provide exceptional tour experiences as the premier tour operator. Get ready to savour amazing wines and  mouth-watering tantalizing delights as our Canada wine tours take you through the regions of Kelowna – Okanagan Valley to the beautiful Victoria. We also venture in tours from Alberta to Vancouver duration 2-30 days tours. 

Uncorked and Cultivated delivers.  

Check out Ballet Kelowna with Us on a 9 day tour.  

Adventures in the Kelowna, Okanagan Valley with 

  Say High To Okanagan Tours 🍷

“It’s all about you” here at Say High to Okanagan Tours.  We love to share our passion   for wine, tourism and our beautiful Kelowna, Okanagan Valley! 

Making GRAPE friends and having fun is what it’s all about since 1994 – present. 

Say High to Okanagan Tours creates one-of-a-kind tour experiences and leaves you with memories you will never forget. There are no standard tours here and no set itineraries, we tailor each tour individually to ensure we create a memorable and rewarding experience that exceeds your expectations.

Special: Group Rate Available

Good for up to 11 friends or colleagues!

Monday to Thursday                 $1299.00

Sunday and Friday                    $1399.00

Saturday                                     $1499.00

All price are plus GST.  Recommended guide gratuity for private groups is 10-18%.

Since 1994 Sharon & Bill has hosts THE MOST bachelorette parties in the Okanagan. Call us today to book your Bachelorette Wine Tour Party in Kelowna, Okanagan Valley, West Kelowna or Summerland, Oliver to Victoria.

What about the Bachelorette Party?

It’s been years since the bachelor party isn’t the only party going on before the wedding. Thanks to today explosive feminism, it’s a common thing that the even the soon-to-be bride has the change to say goodbye to her single life. So when the man of the couple is out drinking with his buddies, his future wife enjoy the company of her closest friends. Men and women live their last day as single in very different ways, however sometimes even the soon-to-be brides are the ones who forget the huge difference between the two sexes. Otherwise, how can we explain the many bachelorette parties which, like a bad copy of the male version, consist ony of  toy boys and sexy dances?

Luckily, the majority of the female population don’t enjoy the idea of a sensual and public celebration with some unknown man, but prefers spending their bachelorette party surrounded by their closest girlfriends.Girls’ friendship … it’s a must

The bachelorette party could be defined as a cathartic experience, one in which the bride can be remembered that she’ll be able to remain the woman she was before the wedding, a friend and a lover other than a wife. The night of the bachelorette party could be the right occasion to prove how strong is the friendship between women. So, if you0re in charge to plan your best friend’s bachelorette party, don’t stress to much: planning a fun night is important, but what matters the most is creating a night that tells about the bride’s passions and hobbies. Once that is taken care of, the limousine, the hotel, the stellar restaurant take second place: spending money it’s not enough. What would the bride really enjoy? If she’s really your best friend, you must know her desires and make at least one of them come true! A very original idea is to create her wish list. What does she whish for? What does she dream of? Which are her deepest desires? Inspirations? To-do-lists?The wish list …

Doing a kayaking course or a parachute training, trying a cooking lesson. Or finishing her degree, writing a book, recording a song. Collect all her dreams and hopes to remind her that being a wife doesn’t mean she won’t be a woman anymore. You can go all the way and give to her a real wish list, which she can adjust and extend. Or you can choose one or two desires from the wish list and make them come true, right away. For this last idea, it’s importan to focus on simple and possibile whishes, to realize in one day. Your friend goes crazy for the truffle? Take her to a nice restaurant with a lot of truffle-based dishes! Does she love heights? Take her on a hot air baloon ride! Does she love black and white movies? Find out that one cult movie she hasn’t seen yet! Or you can give her that book which she was never able to find. If fashion is her weakness, bring her to her favourite boutique and let her choose the prettiest dress!Relax and love…dinner or lunch?

Your main goal is that the bride won’t ever get bored; the atmosphere needs to be always happy and exciting. You can cook a nice lunch, like a fancy brunch or an original pic nic. If you’re the one cooking the food, be careful to follow a theme: maybe the bride’s favorite color, or a special ingredient. If you want to make her laugh, just cook something she just hates from the bottom of her heart. Bring some good wine, but do not get overboard on the alcohol! Dinner time can be fancier and more polished. Choose a nice restaurant with an elegant style and all the bride’s favorite dishes! At the ending of the night, just bring her to a cool club or disco. Letting go on the dance floor is just what the bride needs to forget all about the pre-wedding stress! 

With us, It’s all about you!

Sit back relax and have FUN! 

We think out side the box..

As the second Wine Tour Operator since 1994, and over 20 thousand customers. We have tough and lead this industry in the Okanagan Valley to Vancouver. Teaching our colleges how to be Tour Operators. We are alliance with most off the wineries and distilleries and venues for your enjoyment.  We create a venue to fit your budge.

Our Teams GOALS: We will be putting the tour together for you! So you will have a wonderful time and create memories!  We want you girls leaving here and not be able to stop talking about how amazing everything was…

We AIM to Create Your perfect menu:  From recommending your food to a delight full assorted picnics at scenic locations.  

Think out side the box create your magic moment. Our staff is here to help you.  



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